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Welcome Anthony

We welcome our new minister Anthony Siegrist and his family. Anthony will begin his work with us on July 1. We look forward to following God's call together.

Hearing God's Call
OMC Sunday Worship Series, Summer 2015

It's clear: the God of Scripture is one who addresses human creatures. From the epic calling of Abraham and Sarah to the call of Mary to bear the Word in her womb - Scripture is replete with stories of these divine invitations. God's call is extended to us as we are and tugs us toward the new. It is a call to life in the Spirit and a call to put to death the powers of evil and destruction. The call of God is the invitation to a life of faith. At times, for biblical characters and for us, it is also a call to something specific, a vocation or a task. As we address this theme over the coming months we will explore the relationship of God's call to our place in the natural world, to our work, to our faith and even to the ways each of us carry our personal stories. As we respond to God's call we encounter the satisfaction of finding our place in a story bigger than our own.

Vacation Bible School
July 13 - 17
Email the Youth Pastor to sign up.

All are welcome!

Sunday School
Resumes in September

Summer Worship
(June 28 - Sept 6)
Sunday 10:00 am

1830 Kilborn Ave.
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 733-6729

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